Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Programme SASPRO 2

Which organisations can be the host organisations?

Host organisations may be the scientific organisations of the SAS or Faculties of CU and STU. Their list along with links to their websites are listed in the Contact. section.

Application submission

Do I need to register if I want to submit an application to the Programme SASPRO 2?

Yes, the first step to submit the application is to register, it means to create your own account. To register in the applicant enters his/her email address, password. After the registration is confirmed by pressing the 'Register sign up' button the applicant shall receive the verification email to the email address specified. The created account shall become active only after verifying of the email address. Consequently, it is possible to log into the system.

Can I submit the application by e-mail, eventually by post?

No, the only possible way to submit the application within the Programme SASPRO 2 is to send it through the Programme SASPRO 2 system for applications.

Eligibility criteria

Is it possible to correct errors in the already submitted application?

No, it is not possible, but the deficiencies in the application which can be removed and were identified during the first round of evaluation by SASPRO 2 admin team, the applicant will be asked to remove them within a specified period. If the applicant shall not remove criticized deficiencies within a specified period, or he/she eventually will not remove them in accordance with the recommendations contained in a deficiency letter, the application is rejected in the first round of evaluation. It is not possible to make changes in the application in the second round of evaluation.

Can I submit the application to the Programme SASPRO 2, although currently being a holder of another Marie Curie Actions grant?

No, it is not allowed to simultaneously receive several grants financed or co-financed by Marie Curie Actions.

Is it possible to be supported through several SAS schemes paralelly?

No. SAS provides a specific support to researchers through several schemes. Currently actively running schemes (ranked hierarchically) are the following: 1. Compensatory allowance, 2. Štefan Schwarz Fund, 3. SASPRO 2/MoRePro and 4. IMPULZ. A support from more above-mentioned schemes is not possible being carried at the same time. If a recipient of the compensatory allowance succeeds in the competition for support from a higher scheme, receiving the compensatory allowance terminates on the very same day when he/she starts to receive the funds from the higher scheme. A recipient of the Štefan Schwarz Fund is expected successfully accomplish the project for which he/she has received the support first. He/she may apply for support from a higher scheme but in case he/she succeeds he/she shall start implementation of a new higher project only after the successful completion of the project supported by the Stefan Schwarz Fund. In case he/she obtains the financial support from the SASPRO2 project scheme, or/and MoRePro, it is expected the recipient successfully accomplishes this project first. He/she may apply for support from a higher scheme (IMPULZ) but in case he/she is successful he/she starts to implement a higher project only after the successful completion of the SASPRO2 project, or MoRePro. The researcher may apply for the support of a higher scheme only in the last year of the actual project. Projects cannot be cumulated for use in future years.

What are the fields of science in which the application to the Programme SASPRO 2 can be submitted?

The applicant is fully responsible for selecting a field of science in which shall be the application submitted. Scientific field must correspond with the focus of selected host organisation.Some fields are excluded from funding for ethical reasons.

How is the equivalence of titles compared to PhD title assessed?

Equivalence of titles is assessed according to ERC standards and in compliance with Slovak legislation.

Evaluation criteria

Can Slovak nationals apply under the Programme SASPRO 2 through the scheme Incoming?

Yes, Slovak nationals are eligible applicants within the mobility scheme Incoming if they comply with all criteria set by this scheme.

Will be the duration of maternity leave/parental leave/military service etc. taken into account when calculating the duration of work experience after obtaining a PhD degree or equivalent title?

Career break shall be taken into account in justified events. However, it should be supported with relevant confirmation document or a solemn declaration. Justification of career break and its duration shall be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee of the Programme SASPRO 2.

Who will be invited to the interview?

Only applicants whose applications achieve at least threshold (70% of the maximum score) in the evaluators' assessment will be invited to the interview and presentation of their projects (possibly replaced by the video-conference).

Is it needed to reach minimum threshold of points in the second round of evaluation?

The minimum limit was set at 70%. This means that if an application does not reach this threshold, the applicant will not be invited for an interview.

Evaluation committee

On what basis is selected the evaluator for a particular application?

The evaluators are selected on the basis of the field of science in which the applicant submits the application. This is important, evaluator must be able to make a well-founded assessment of the scientific quality of the application. Of course, objectivity and impartiality of evaluators are important aspects during their selection.

Who can be the evaluator of the applications?

The evaluators are selected from an international database of evaluators while the important criterion for the selection of the evaluator is identity or similarity between the scientific field in which the application is submitted and the scientific field of the evaluator.

Is the composition of the Evaluation Committees public?

Yes, the composition of the Evaluation Committees is published on the Programme SASPRO 2 website in the section of Experts.

Will be published information which particular evaluators assessed which application?

No, names of evaluators will not be published.

Who are the members of the Evaluation Committees of the Programme SASPRO 2?

The members of the Programme SASPRO 2 Evaluation Committees are renowned foreign and Slovak scientists, who guarantee an objective and well-founded evaluation. Chairman of the Programme SASPRO 2 Evaluation Committee is invariably the Vice-chairman of the relevant SAS scientific division, to focus of which corresponds the Programme SASPRO 2 Evaluation Committee. At least 50% of the Evaluation Committee members are foreign experts. The Programme SASPRO 2 Evaluation Committeee members can not be employees of SAS; CU and STU.


What purposes the mobility allowance may be used for?

Mobility allowance is designed to enable successful applicants to travel abroad to visit their famil, or eventually to enable their family come with them to Slovakia. This allowance is paid together with living allowance.

Does the aforesaid amount of offered salary include deductions and tax or not?

The amount is subject of tax and mandatory deductions.

What are indirect costs?

Indirect costs are costs incurred to the host organisation due to the project. These includes for example: expenditure on electricity, gas, water, sewerage, invoices for telephones, postage.

How are paid the funds for indirect costs?

Funds for indirect expenses are paid to the host organisation.These funds are not made available to the successful applicant.

What purposes the contribution to research costs may be used for?

The contribution to research costs can be used to buy small supplies, chemicals, to use services, it can be used for conference fees, printing posters, purchase of books etc.

Is it possible to get a higher salary than the one specified in the documents of the Programme SASPRO 2?

No, salary depends on experience of applicants and these categories are limited to a maximum of 15 years after obtaining a PhD degree or equivalent title.


Is it necessary to attend secondment?

It is not obligatory, but it´s highly recommeded. It will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee.

Do I have to choose a specific company to carry out secondment?

No, does not have to be defined in the application, but at least type of company/institution has to be defined at this stage and planned outcome. It is NOT necessary to contact the company, this will be subject of negotation with successful applicants whose project will be funded.